Marking the death of Maria Perez Gonzalez

It was a privilege to take part in the Sober, dignified and legal “Die in” vigil organised by Exeter Cycle campaign to mark the death of Maria Perez Gonzalez, killed by a driver as she cycling along Barnfield Road crossing Western Way.  The driver has been arrested on suspicion of drink/drug driving.   

Maria’s family were grateful for the show of solidarity for them in their grief.  We lay in the road for a few minutes to underline just how vulnerable people cycling can be and heard from Maria’s work colleague, Jacqui, and Biddy, a fellow health worker who uses that junction daily.

Sadly Maria death was not unusual: five people are killed on the UK’s road every day.  We took this opportunity to challenge the normalisation of death and injury we see on our roads and to repeat our simple calls that driver lawlessness and inattention must stop and that all journeys for people cycling should be made safe.

The vigil was covered sympathetically in the media.  See here.
I will continue to work with colleagues to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive options.