Budget Feedback

To: The Rural Aid Revue panel

At the north end of Kenn Valley, I represent a string of small parishes Whitestone, Holcombe Burnell, Ide, Dunchideock and Shillingford St George. These smaller parishes all have much lower precepts than larger ones like Exminster and Kenn, many times smaller in fact.
The rural aid grant is a way for these smaller parishes to action larger projects such as the recent play area resurfacing in Holcombe Burnell, which would be very difficult to save for or otherwise fund on such a small annual income. Projects like these can much much more easily be absorbed in the budgets of parishes with more properties AND more precept per property.
I would support the retention of the Rural aid grant in a more limited form, accessible to smaller parishes, in preference to scrapping completely. Would it be possible to gain most of the savings, but still allow smaller parishes to aspire to larger projects?
These smaller parishes are also hit hardest by the reduction in the councilors community fund. This £1500 budget may allow only token contributions to a large parish, but when the annual budget of the entire parish is only a few thousand pounds the community fund can make a real difference.
Thank you
Councillor Andrew Swain Teignbridge District Council Kenn Valley ward