Council tax freeze

Our group of councillors intends to freeze the Teignbridge share of council tax next year in response to the cost of living crisis. The council tax you pay is collected by Teignbridge, but less than 10% is used to fund Teignbridge services, the rest going to police, fire, most to Devon county Council and some to your parish council if you have one.

Teignbridge has seen many millions of pounds per year slashed from central government funding with the loss, for example, of revenue support grant and there continues to be uncertainty on future local government funding. Maintaining services and balancing the books continues to get harder so it will not be easy to achieve the freeze. The £5 increase in council tax this year brought in around £242,000 to help protect and maintain Teignbridge services.  

With the energy crisis adding financial pressure to our community, already suffering from economic, transport and employment problems because of covid, brexit, austerity and global heating, we want to do what we can to help with the cost of living.
District Councillors Andy Swain, Charles Nuttall,