The Emperor’s new clothes

Remember the story about the con artists who promise to give the emperor beautiful amazing new clothes. The clothes will give him a better future and elevate his empire above all others. Anyone who can’t see the fabulous clothes is stupid.

We were promised a glorious future. We were told only Conservatives can be trusted with our country’s finances. We were promised fabulous things from Brexit and the Tories own that. Anyone who can’t see the benefits is ignorant, or (re)moaning. It’s just “project fear”. Or is it project reality?

Our new PM was elected by almost as few people as the emperor.

In just a few days our currency went into free-fall. Some say that doesn’t matter, but it does. It means our neighbours have no faith in Britain’s future or trade, it is bad news and we see it in food and energy costs.

Our national debt is double what it was before these Tory governments, and they are not fixing it. This emperor sees that the poorest can’t afford to stay warm and fed, and so tries to cut tax for the richest.

Company insolvencies have hit a 13 year high. There is talk now of rolling power cuts, it is straight out of “project fear” except it is real.

Funding cuts, and the brexodus of skilled staff have put the NHS in crisis. Our bins are not emptied because we sent the lorry drivers home. It turns out Europeans weren’t stealing our services, they were delivering them.

Europe is weakened and Putin is emboldened and we now have war in Europe. Project fear.

Last week’s Mid Devon Advertiser saw two open letters from major organisations, condemning the government’s “wholesale attack on nature”.

The emperor has a new consultation on “how to achieve net zero while maximising growth”. It’s obvious, the emperor wants an excuse to bin the already inadequate measures to avert catastrophe by pretending it is too expensive. If you care about the future you are “anti-growth”. Never mind the cost of failure.

Who would have thought the Conservative empire could find a leader even worse than the last one. This is utter madness. The emperor is parading down down the street with no clothes on and we all look stupid. It is time to recognise reality, change direction AND our government.