Changes to the voting system.

At elections in 2018 there were 8 allegations of people claiming a false identity at a polling station, seven were dismissed and one resolved locally. There were no convictions.

In 2019 the government ran trials requiring photo ID to vote. In just ten trial areas, 1,968 people were turned away for not having the correct ID and 740 did not return to vote. In some areas over 0.5% of the voters were prevented from voting, that’s bigger than many majorities.

Despite the total lack of an actual problem, and the shocking numbers of people disenfranchised, the government is pressing ahead with voter ID. The Elections Act 2022 will apply to the Teignbridge local elections in May 2023. All voters at polling stations must show identification documents. If you don’t have a suitable ID, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate free of charge, or you can apply for a postal vote which will be sent to you in the two weeks before polling day.

Both these options need time to arrange, so don’t leave it till nearer the time, do it now. There is more information about both these options at or you can contact us for assistance.

Please do not let them take away your vote.

Your district and county councillors: 

Andy Swain, Alison Foden, Charles Nuttal and Alan Connett